Business Process Management – do we really need it anymore?

Sounds provocative however what is it really all about?

The chaotic nature of business today with promiscuous customers, extended customer experiences, multi-channel, always on digital world means control of process is a fundamental pre requisite of the successful business. Leaving the processes to fate is an act of gross irresponsibility and should be treated as such. If you don’t care about your processes you don’t care about your people and your customers.

There that said there is sage guidance from Frederick Winslow Taylor back in 1911: “The first step in gaining control of an organization is to understand the basic processes” From our 21st century perspective we add to that ” Once we understand the basic processes we need to proactively manage them to achieve Successful Customer Outcomes” QED Business Process Management.
We are also faced with a number of different flavors of BPM. What’s yours?
We will discuss that tomorrow.
After all process is just another name for the work we all do.