2. Breakpoints – the root of all internal evil and yet the Promised land?

That is the size of the prize the Break Points Toolkit targets – the rest of the non-value added work iceberg.
Non value-added work is consuming up to 90% of your employees’ time. Yet many of the approaches to increasing utilization are producing little benefit and may even be contributing to the problem. Yet there is a much easier and direct way to identify the causes of this non value-added work in your organization so that you can start eliminating them today!
A Google search on “non value added work” turns up over 104 million matches. It’s an issue we are all very aware of, one that is a source of continuing frustration because most often when we act to increase our utilization somehow the numbers never seem to hit the bottom line.
So what we are doing isn’t working.
We need something different, something that works. Perhaps there is a statistical method or scientific formula that will help us break through this success barrier?
Actually, all you need is a simple technique that allows you to identify the source of the non value-added work so that it can then be removed! 
It’s kind of like a tumor. Before X-Rays, Sonograms, and MRIs, it wasn’t easy to identify a tumor in the human body. With these tools many tumors are now very easy to identify. They stand out like a sore thumb.

For non-value added work our diagnostic machine is Break Points. They are the number one cause of work in organizations everywhere and yet most of the time we aren’t even aware that we should be looking for them.

Like those advanced medical diagnostic machines, using Break Points as our “cause of work diagnostic machine” makes it easy to identify the sources of non-value added work.

And once we have identified them we can take action to eliminate them. That’s where we are going next.