5. Moments of Truth and their link to Strategy

The Five Steps to Winning the Triple Crown with MOT’s
Identify your Goal
Of course the overall goal is to improve customer satisfaction. But to achieve that goal we need to know what role we are acting within. This helps us know if we are educating, leading, directing or doing.
Describe your Target
The target is the “area” we are seeking to improve. Most often this would be thought of in terms of a “process” but there is no restriction on how we define the target areas we are working on.
Identify Moments of Truth
For the target area, all of the Moments of Truth that exist need to be identified. They also need to be described well enough that what was meant is easily recognizable to others or when we come back to our work at a later date.
“Blink” your Analysis
Judging the impact of Moments of Truth on Customer Satisfaction is a very subjective thing. It’s relatively easy for people to do, but very difficult to codify. It can best be done by looking at the Goal, the Target and the Moments of Truth all together. In most cases the Moments of Truth that are problematic will immediately become obvious.
Describe your Actions
Describing your actions is the way you build the direction, leadership vision or specific activities that need to be done for improvement to take place. Depending on what your Goal is, your Actions need to take the form that will help get the work you know needs doing, done.
It’s important to have a goal. If we don’t have a goal then it’s very hard to play the game to win! So in your MOT Plan you need a goal.
What is your goal?
While Improving Customer Satisfaction is the overall goal, the specific goals for people to help us achieve that are what is needed to get results.

Those specific goals could be several things depending on who you are and what you do. Let’s look at some examples and see how they change the nature of the MOT Plan goal.