Successful Customer Outcomes Posting Four

5. And now we are ready to establish the real Successful Customer Outcome (SCO) as a set of statements of intent with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound) objectives. There is no room for management weasel words such as fast, efficient, effective, timely and the like. Here we get specific and develop metrics that will tell us how well we are delivering the SCO. Having identified the Statements of Intent and the associated measures we are ready to summarize the complete SCO Map.

What is the one liner that describes this SCO?

6. The one liner may even sometimes be summarized as one word. Also we are now bordering on the territory of Strategy as the articulation of the SCO Map should link directly with the organization Mission and Vision. In mature Outside In organizations the SCO Maps link with customer categories and we develop a clear line of sight from every single task and activity right through to the organization objectives. That line of sight is a tangible and objective linkage that confirms everything we are doing is aligned with corporate goals and objectives.