Business Process Management – an Overview

Derek Miers (Chair) presents Iain Ramsay of ITSA with the Annual Award
I never cease to be amazed by the self-styled experts in Business Process Management (BPM) who want to tell me what we really meant.

And depending on whether you are a vendor of software, a consultant or just somebody trying to get on with improving processes determines how you describe BPM. Back during the genesis we stated “BPM is a new management philosophy to reorganize the work of a business to better achieve successful outcomes” (BP Groups 3rd Annual Conference, Edinburgh in 1990’s). Some of you will recognize a certain Derek Miers (left, now with Forrester) who chaired that conference.

Needless to say that description of BPM holds true. In fact technology can be regarded just as the 21st C. pen and paper, and while it contributes to BPM it doesn’t of itself create success. As part of the ongoing series of Certified Process Professional program we have created a series of short videos, the one here is Business Process Management – an Overview. Enjoy.