Great Outside In activity and quote from PEX Orlando

PEX Orlando 2013 is rolling forward in great style.

Neat sessions this morning about leadership in process transformation.

The panel included:

  • Dellroy Birch, CIO, Fortegra Financial,
  • Michelle Boutwell, SVP, IT Strategy and Planning, Citi,
  • Sam Garfield, Vice President – Enterprise PMO, Discovery Communications,
  • Laura Truax, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Excellence Lockheed Martin Systems and Training.
What stood out for me was Michelle Boutwell from Citi who encouraged delegates to take the Outside In perspective for business performance success.

There was then a furious visit by all attendees (400+) around the vendors stands for the Demo Drive, a great way to expose everyone to the latest automated solutions.

My highlight so far today was however Erika Westbays Outside In perspective of keynotes Jim Carrolls observation “three things that we must always be thinking about in our line of work as growing the business, improving the business and transforming the business.”

Erika puts this into a day to day pragmatic reality with her observation:three things that we must always be thinking about in our line of work as growing the customer’s success, improving the customer’s success and transforming the customer’s success.”

I fully agree after all it is about getting the customer piece right BEFORE the business can succeed!

This afternoon there are track sessions on the themes Strategy, Change and Leadership / Value Creation / Sustainability / Training.

I particularly like the title “Continuous Process Improvement and Intelligent BPM” with Connie Moore of Forrester. That suggests to me there is an alternative BPM out there which isn’t smart ๐Ÿ˜‰

Later are the Rewards session and cocktail party. More on that later!

Ciao for now, Steve