Time Management with less than 365 days to go to Armageddon

…or that is what the Mayan’s say. The big day is 21 December 2012. Whether we experience the apocalypse, or it is just another dull day before Christmas? remains to be seen. Meanwhile we had better make use of the time in hand 😉

With that in mind I have turned my attention to a genius of time management, managing conflicting interests and on the whole being hugely successful at such a young age…. James Dodkins. Here are his tips for pre Armageddon (and tuning in to deliver that project success).

Thanks James….

Sort your life with this formula, agree with yourself at bedtime and Kazam…

A-E formula
A – High Priority
B – Mid Priority
C – Low priority
D – Delegate
E – Eliminate
Happy 2012 😉
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