Do you use bad language?

Sometimes when we talk with colleagues, family and friends we create an unintended negative impact. I am sure you don’t use bad language consciously (not swear words of course) however the way we use words and intonation often creates this undesired negative effect.

The BP Group CPP Professionals and CPP Masters out there will know the importance of language in our Process transfromation and Outside-In programmes. In fact our referenced work, Robert Dilts, ‘Sleight of Mouth’ is an excellent primer for those seeking to help colleagues understand the need to reframe towards a customer centric view of the world.

Here is another perspective that might help offered by a global leader in cognition and NLP, Steve Andreas (he’s the tall guy on the left of the picture)

An example of the impact of nonverbal (tonal) qualities of a message.
Recently I sent a note to some colleagues mentioning that I had noticed that some people—more often women—ended a sentence or a phrase with an upward inflection that usually indicates a question. I asked if anyone had an understanding of this, since I didn’t want to rediscover something that was already understood. I got the wonderful response below from a linguist who asked not to be identified:

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