BPM Weekly Update from the BP Group

BPGroup weekly LinkedIn update (152 discussions, 1815 LI Members)

Video keynote from Gartner conference – http://bit.ly/gW4zi
What are the top Outsider-Inners doing – http://bit.ly/R4RiA
Top Discussion – http://bit.ly/O7WUH
Are “Bolt-On” BPM Systems Running Out of Market Space? http://bit.ly/VT4Je
The Best Way to pitch BPM (summary) – http://bit.ly/JfWkl
FIVE Webinars in progress – http://bit.ly/kG4WI
Business Process Professional training – http://www.bp2009.com
Newsletter for May (last week) – http://bit.ly/12Lcop

All the Best, Steve

PS. Monthly newsletter next week – new ICMG webinars also