Operationalize your Customer Experiences & Processes

“CEOs are learning that much of their success depends on sensing and addressing the rapidly changing values and expectations of their stakeholders.”
PWC Survey

The problem inside companies today is that it’s impossible for leaders to give employees clear direction for how to deliver the customer experience. This is because leaders don’t have a singular communication channel for keeping employees aligned.

Implementing The Experience Manager

What is the problem today?

Today we live in a world where customers have all the power – a world in which customers expect the best experience from companies every time or they’ll move on to explore other options. In order to survive, companies need to evolve how they operate.

The Solution

The Experience Manager™ (TEM) creates a singular ecosystem wherein leaders and employees can work together to manage how the company delivers the customer experience.

  • Simplifying life for employees by giving them constant access to clear direction.
  • Empowering leaders with transparency into what their employees and customers are thinking.
  • Focusing the energy of the company on improving the customer experience.

A virtue of the platform is it does not require In-depth knowledge of complex symbols and language. It is designed for access by everyone in the organisation in an easy and simple way.

Currently, no software creates this single ecosystem for managing the customer experience. For example,

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • BI (Business Intelligence)
  • BPM (Business Process Management)
  • BPA (Business Process Analysis)
  • General (Communication, Documents, Projects, Tasks, Calendars)

The Experience Manager is the first platform that unifies all the disparate things an organisation must do to be successful in 2019.

TEM connects the dots from intent to operations and provides a structured framework to implement, maintain and innovate Customer Experiences. It enables you to translate your customer experience into a simplified storyboard that everyone understands.

The storyboard can be shared with everyone in your company and progressively gain valuable ideas and feedback to improve your customer experience in real time on any device anywhere in the world.

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The diagram shows this evolution to Total Experience Management.

The Experience Manager is the first platform to embrace Total Experience Management

The benefits of The Experience Manager

1. High-fidelity digital engagement,
with ongoing strategic and operational decision support, powered by collaborative business intelligence, best practices adoption, state-of the-art next practices, and real-time reporting

2. Real-time alignment between strategy and execution,
with dynamic focus on critical success factors for key internal functions and processes driving value creation, customer satisfaction improvements, cost optimization and revenue enhancement (the triple crown plus)

3. Automated employee and customer collaboration process,
supporting organizational agility, employee loyalty and customer centricity.

4. Accelerated innovation,
through ‘in-context collaboration’ on critical success factors

5. Reduced operational risk,
driven by unfiltered intelligence and objective 360 degree feedback from all parts of the organization, on all the critical issues, on an ongoing basis

Use of The Experience Manager platform

Introducing The Experience Manager follows four discrete stages using the structure of the CEMMethod™

1. Understand Customer Needs and Strategic Imperatives

2. Assess Customer Experience Current State – what is the actual customer experience? how does that connect with what we are currently doing? What are the issues and immediate imperatives?

3. Create potential Future State Customer Experience(s) embracing the actual desired CX, the necessary environment to support that CX, the underpinning technology and skillsets to deliver Successful Customer Outcomes.

4. Operationalize the Customer Experiences by deploying in real time the live storyboard that provides for everyone in the company an easy to understand frame by frame view of the customer experience they are actually delivering, as they deliver it. From the board room to the lunch room. Simply. No complex syntax just straightforward language that talks to what people do.

The platform also has real-time ideas management for immediate assessment, agreement and deployment of improvements. A comprehensive dashboard enables a clear line of sight from the doing through control to strategic management. Integrating existing sources, for example Voice of Customer data can be handled real time.

Investment in The Experience Manager™ platform

Two necessary components

  1. Upskilling in the platform (Consulting service) – One day (optional)
    Working with the existing outputs for the CEMMethod workshops teams will learn how to input their assessments and future state experiences into the software. They will learn the way the software works, how to incorporate in a workshop environment the necessary details and then subsequent ‘test’ the efficacy of that input.
  2. Deployment of the software (Licensing)

Based on licenses the platform can be deployed using existing technology and protocols (security, redundancy, risk assessment etc.). An annual license fee covers the ongoing use the of the platform and incorporation of future upgrades.

Find out more (and signup for FREE) https://www.theexperiencemanager.com