Don’t give the Customers choices? How to easily Provide the best Customer Experience.

The smartest companies don’t give you much choice. They don’t ask you what you want, they know what you need and that simplicity, as it turns out keeps costs down, boosts service and grows revenue.
This counter intuitive approach to customer experience is, according to Siegel+Gale, preferred by two out of every three customers. Interestingly we are more likely to recommend a brand that saves us time and makes it easier to buy, hence the German supermarket chain, Aldi, with few choices and focus on quick in-out for the regular shop, tops Siegel+Gales 2017 simplicity league.

Fellow German competitors Lidl are a close second with a similar proposition aligned towards successful customer outcomes – getting in easily, moving around and selecting quickly, paying lower prices, and fast exit. This simplicity isn’t however just the province of global discount chains as the top six for simplicity include Netflix, Google and Amazon whose respective digital experiences all boast ease of use, quick to results and great touchpoints.

As a Netflix customer I am…
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