Amazons tale of Outside-In (or working backwards as Jeff Bezos calls it)

This slide deck is a wonderful illustration of the hard work underway in the Customer Experience arena. Delivered by Pascal Spelier ( – link with him here – it demonstrates how you connect customer journeys with process transformation.

The same old same old.

Business has changed forever.

If the top team tells the people who are in charge of the coach and horses to make sports cars it isn’t going to work. Don’t be surprised if they deliberately do not understand.

To realize the full benefits of the digital age you need to look at things differently and then do stuff in original ways. You need to see things Outside-In. 

Work in Progress includes Amazon, Southwest Airlines, Emirates, Samsung, Google, Zara.. to name a few. Are you coach and horses, or do you belong with the future?

Are you doing dumb stuff really well?

At Zappos (Las Vegas), CEO Tony Hsieh says  “our belief is that if you get the culture right, most of the other stuff — like great customer service, or building a great long-term brand, or passionate employees and customers — will happen naturally on its own.”

The leading global corporations understand that the usual strategy mission stuff is not cutting it. 

You have to reach further, understand what the real customer needs are and then align everything you do to meeting those needs. 
Fundamentally this comes down to the Rewards system. If you are rewarding people for doing dumb stuff then don’t be surprised if they get really smart at doing that stuff really well.

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Enabling customer centric business through process (workshop)

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?!
Well I certainly hope not as we host a 3 hour workshop on 29 Sep at Caesars Palace at the The Business Performance Excellence Summit. Attendees will potentially have their opinion and practice of process changed forever with hands-on insights, tools and techniques. I will be sharing some of the content from my upcoming book “High Performance Organizations” and providing 10+ Gb of information as takeaways.

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Here’s the skinny of the workshop with links:

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Classically process activity has focused on improving productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Methods and approaches have evolved over decades to help organizations streamline, remove waste and standardize processes to great effect. In fact the American economic success story can be attributed to these fine efforts from global companies. However times have changed and we must change with them.

This session will discuss and review some of the ‘new’ approaches and techniques developed in 21st century leading companies from diverse sectors such as aviation, pharmaceutical, retail fashion, technology and banking. We will look at the common ingredients of their success and how using the power of process linked with customer centric strategy and operations produces a winning and sustainable formula suited to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Delegates will go away with:
• Overview of the ‘new’ methods and approaches
• Three proven techniques to provide immediate cost reductions, revenue improvements and customer satisfaction improvements
• The 101 Guide to linking process to successful customer outcomes
• In addition delegates will gain access to (a) quick guides, (b) videos, (c) case studies and (d) work sheets for immediate use
• Copy of Steve Towers latest book, The High Performance Organization

Workshop link | Conference link

Oh and let’s finish with a Julius Ceasarism (slightly edited)

Customer Experience trumps standardization

A restaurant chain might not be the first place that comes to mind as a hub of innovative thinking–a consequence perhaps of the corporate motherships that standardize everything from the order-taker’s scripted lines to the clamshell boxes presented on abundant plastic trays.

Panera CEO Ron Shaich:

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