Apple service and sales really sucks.

Now don’t get me wrong I have bought and enjoyed every apple device money can buy. Yes I have one of everything and have always loved the customer experience, whether online, in-store or over the phone – until this evening at millennial mall in Orlando.

A busy store as you can see however that’s not unusual, what is though is the effort to convert 600 greenbacks for a new mike and headphones

Issue 1 – asking for help. Is it a new policy to now avoid eye contact with customers?

Issue 2 – when you do track someone down they can’t help, and want to pass you to someone else, already 4 deep with customers. “He will help you in a minute” said the obvious supervisor who ‘s member of staff complained openly that he hadn’t had his break

Issue 3 – “stay here, I will get someone else to help” says Ms. Boss. I wait, and wait but a then obviously harrassed guy to tell me “I will be with you soon” 4 minutes go by and still no help.

Issue 4 – no one cares clearly as I put down the Bowers snd Wilkins P5 headset and the snazzy USB Mike and walk out of the store.

That is it. The end of my relationship with Apple? Guess at least I will not be shopping there again. More so I will move my business to Samsung and give them a chance with my hard earned money.

Has the rot set in?