It is change Jim, but not as we know it.

The accelerating rate of change brought about by digitization and customer promiscuity has changed the change agenda forever. What can individuals and corporations do to win the day and stay in front of their game?

Interviewed at the annual PEX summit in the USA I share some possibilities and options for today, next week and the next decade.

Certified Process Professional Masters (CPP-Master) Program
Orlando USA March 16-20, Denver USA March 23-27, Dubai UAE Apr 12-16
An internationally recognized program with proven track record delivered by been there and done it coaches more than 130 times, in 52 cities with delegates from 105 countries.
The program, now in its tenth year, utilizes the BP Groups approaches and framework to help you and your organization win the triple crown – simultaneously reduce costs, grow revenues and enhance service.
Producing Immediate and sustainable business results across any industry and sector.
Become a qualified CPP-Master and demonstrate your professionalism

How Wolves Change Rivers and how you can change your…

I just love this video.
The beautiful scenery, the inspiring story and then the call to action.
How can this have anything to do with Customer Experience and BPM I here you ask? Watch the video (enjoy) and then ask your self the question “How can I create a Trophic Cascade in my organization?”. (Trophic Cascade – watch the vid and all is revealed very quickly 🙂