Points of Failure – How to remove and improve (3 minute video)

Upcoming events? http://www.bpgroup.org/certification-by-city.html
Amsterdam – Cape Town – Orlando – London – Bangalore – Dubai – Brisbane – Denver – Sydney – Singapore – Dubai in 2014 

CEMMethod update (new version pending)

In January we updated the CEMMethod (it is now on its fifth version since 2006). Before year end we will introducing several new concepts and tools. If you would like that information please subscribe to the blog and I will include you in the previews.

It’s a mess out there – but you know the Magic now :)

Breakpoints are always caused by Moments of Truth. Usually if you find a MOT there will be 3-4 BP’s also. Makes sense then to start eradicating the unnecessary MOT’s.
Business Rules! Did you hear the one about waiting 8 days at the Prudential for the ink to dry on parchment paper?
Or the Allied Pickfords 35  mile rule?
People forget about them and the reasons why they exist – how many BR’s have you got?