Jan 8, 2021

New course offers Critical Training Organizations Need to Upskill Their Workforce and Gain an Edge in the New Normal

LONDON, England. January 8, 2021 — To accelerate business-critical training in the post-pandemic world and emerging customer-centricity, BPG Professional Education is adding a new timely courses to its 2021 line-up.

“The pandemic provides an ideal moment to embed customer obsession into businesses new operating models, and this will increase organisations’ ability to align everything and everyone to successful business and customer outcomes,” said Steve Towers, Executive Director of BPG Professional Education.

The Certified Outside-In Master® (COIM®) – starts on January 18th for 7 weeks at 3 hours per week –

‘Harness the power of cutting-edge approaches to create compelling new products and achieve game-changing innovation.’


Week #1: Introduction to an Outside-In world

Week #2: Reframing Around Customer Needs

Week #3: Focus on the Causes of Work

Week #4: The Disruption Factor

Week #5: Innovating Innovation

Week #6: Connecting the Dots and Drawing the Lines

Week #7: The New Normal of the Customer Obsessed organization

Over the 7 weeks the COIM program will feature 18 live interactive sessions backed up by tutorials, assignments and 1 on 1 coaching. With new case studies, videos and dedicated WhatsApp and LinkedIn forums.

The COIM program first ran in Spring 2020 and comes complete with Amazon best selling book (from 2020) ‘Dare! Behind The Scenes Of The Best Business Transformation Project In The World,’ and the book ‘Outside-In The Secret’ (published in 2010, now in its 10th edition – fully updated for 2021)

The Certified Outside-In Masters 2020 graduates

Coach & Guide:

Steve Towers, CEO & Founder BP Group. These expanded offerings complement BPG’s Professional Education with its Accredited Customer Experience and Certified Process Professional courses available to organizations around the globe.
For more information or to register, visit: https://cemnext.com/oi2020


For 30 years, BPG Professional Education has provided business professionals worldwide a gateway to renowned BPG research, knowledge and expertise, through advanced professional programs designed specifically for them. Since 1992 more than 120,000 from 124 countries have qualified in programs ranging from Business Process Management, BPR, Customer Experience Management and Outside-In.

In addition to industry-focused, two-day to-seven-week Open Programs, BPG Professional Education offers individuals and teams the opportunity to take online, blended learning courses. Additionally, customized programs (leading to professional qualifications) can be delivered in specific industry sectors such as banking, retail, B2B, D2C, Utilities, Pharmaceutical, etc.

Testimonials from the 2020 sessions include:

Another fantastic learning, personal, and professional development experience with you! Lyall Shapiro, Australia

Thank you, Steve. Very intense but amazing, and already putting it into practice! 
Edwin De Lange, South Africa

Thank you soooooooo much, Steve.. this achievement means a lot to me & colossal credit goes to you… looking forward to my next training.
Amal Shaira, United Arab Emirates

Thank you, Steve Towers, for an awesome
Time of masterful learning. I can’t wait to attend your next class!
Victoria Weaver, United States

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