Amazon – I love you but you gotta stop this quick!

Amazon are iconic. They set the bar very high with radical new ways of delivering successful customer outcomes, whether it is Prime, Prime Instant (deliveries in 2 hours) or the Dash buttons. Quite exceptional but at what cost?

I buy stuff every week, and once a month order ‘magic paper’, usually 10 rolls at a time. For the last three months I have also received a mountain of cardboard, plastic fuller and some very tired drivers. Why?
Something has gone very wrong at the Scotland Amazon depot who see fit to send every order separately packaged.

Let me walk you through the waste tip that has become our hall…

Item ordered – one legamaster roll x 10
Delivery as it arrived

And then all the resulting open boxes

With finally the pile of trash for the disposal 

Legamaster rolls packed nicely in original packaging (ten rolls)

Now unpacking and bursting all that fancy bubble wrap took 40 minutes of mess. Please please Mr. Bezos I do not know what is happening at the Scottish distribution centre  but please get it fixed quick –  otherwise you will have the world and his brother of environmentalists screaming wasteful capitalists! And you and your loyal customers do not need that.

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